When you sell your home, you want to maximize your return on investment, while also minimizing the disturbance and cost to you and your family.  I am committed to going above and beyond to help you achieve these goals.  When you sign on to work with me, be assured that I am 100% committed to acting in your best interest - I am your primary advocate and your partner in this important financial transaction.

Step 1

Pricing Strategy

We will work together to develop a pricing strategy that will get you top dollar, while also taking your other needs into consideration

  • I will conduct a detailed analysis of your property, the market, and comparable properties to help you determine the ideal asking price and a projected final sale price

  • We will discuss the strategy for selecting an asking price that ensures you are exposing your property to the largest pool of buyers while getting you the highest price and best terms


Step 2

Preparing Your Home for Sale

I will advise you on how to prepare your property and relevant reports to attract the best offers.  

  • My team and I will work with stagers, cleaners, and painters, among others, to ensure your property is in top condition

  • We will coordinate relevant inspections to help buyers write cleaner offers



Step 3

Marketing the Property

To attract the best offer for your home, you must expose it to the broadest cross-section of buyers possible.  I will develop an aggressive marketing plan to maximize exposure of your property to buyers

  • Your property will be advertised across a wide range of online and print media including the Top Agent Network, MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and many others

  • I hold more open houses for your property than average agents do, including Saturday open houses and weeknight open houses.

  • To minimize surprises during escrow, I ensure your buyers are fully informed about the property by preparing and distributing a full set of disclosure documents well in advance of inviting offers.



Step 4


One of my strengths is negotiating with buyers to get you the very best offers for your home.  This is not a simple process, and you want to ensure you have the best agent on your side

  • I will encourage and advise buyers and their agents to write attractive offers for your home

  • I will advise you on appropriate counter-offer strategies to help you get the best results and will handle all of the paperwork involved, which can be complex and is important to get right.

  • I will ensure that any particular considerations that you may have (such as quick close, rent back, 1031 property exchange etc.) are incorporated into any offer that we accept.



Step 5

The Escrow Process and Closing

Once you have a good offer, I will help shepherd the process across the finish line, with minimal distraction to you.  

  • I will manage the contract process to ensure the buyer is meeting all contingencies of the contract in a timely manner

  • I will keep you informed as to where we are in the escrow process each step of the way, taking the administrative burden off your hands

  • I will arrange for the signing of your escrow documents, turning title over to the buyer and arranging for the proceeds of the sale to be delivered into your account on the day of closing


Ready to begin? Get in touch - i'd love to help you!