Vicki Valandra

One of the reasons I started working in real estate - and a reason I continue to do so today - is that I genuinely love helping guide my clients through what might otherwise be a daunting process of transacting real estate in San Francisco.  My diverse background and over 10 years of real estate experience have helped land me in the top 1% of real estate agents within San Francisco.  Please peruse my clients' testimonials and read the "Why Vicki?" page to see why my clients come back to me time and time again!

Stanford Business School

When I came to the Bay Area to attend Stanford Business School, I knew that I had found my home. I immediately fell in love with San Francisco -- the natural beauty, the people, the restaurants, bars, and theaters, and the proximity to the ocean and mountains! After graduating, I worked for several years as Director of Client Services for a technology firm, and I really enjoyed it. But then I was bitten by the real estate bug.

I started thinking about buying a home and found myself fascinated with this crazy world of San Francisco real estate. I took a course in real estate in the evenings "just for fun," but after purchasing my own home, I decided to move into this field for good.  

Zephyr Real Estate

I am proud to be part of Zephyr, the most successful locally-owned firm in San Francisco. Not only was I impressed with the firm's stellar 25-year track record, but I was also excited to find a company that holds many of the same core values that I do. A great example of this is the fact that Zephyr donates generously to many non-profits in the community.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about me, however, is that I view my clients as clients for life. I am not here to make a quick sale; rather, I'm here to build a relationship of trust while getting the job done. As a result, almost all of my sales are from repeat clients and referrals.  Click here to learn more about why you should consider working with me.

Priya Agrawal

I was bitten by the real estate bug when investing in San Francisco a few years ago.  After interviewing several agents, I decided to work with Vicki, and I’m so glad that I did!  Having been one of Vicki’s clients, I can sincerely attest to her abilities as a phenomenal agent!

Besides my fantastic experience with Vicki (and shameless plug aside), there are several reasons why I made the move from a successful career in biotech to the fast-paced world of San Francisco real estate.

  1.  I love helping buyers, sellers, and investors maximize value, both monetarily and in terms of their personal needs. I was previously a strategy consultant with McKinsey and Co., where client service was my greatest strength and my biggest priority.  I bring this top notch client service to our real estate clients.
  2. I love residential real estate design, construction and renovation. I've always loved designing, building, and creating things, and graduated from MIT with BA and Master’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  I have built on these skills while renovating my own investment properties and helping clients do the same.  If you're looking to brainstorm ideas for improving a property or making changes to suit your needs, I’m here to help!
  3. One of my favorite activities is estimating property values.  I most recently spent several years working as a strategist in bio-tech and developed a penchant for market analysis, projection and valuation. Coupled with financial modeling skills picked up as a consultant, I can sincerely say that estimating property values is one of my favorite activities as a realtor. This is extremely useful for our clients.  We will always have a gut feel as to where to list a property or what a property will sell for, but we don’t just rely on our guts.  Vicki and I will always be behind the scenes running the numbers to help determine what is a reasonable listing (and ultimately sales) price, as well as what a winning offer might look like.

My past experiences, capabilities and strengths have led me to a career in real estate, and I see myself staying here for a good long time.  I'm extremely fortunate to be able to team up with Vicki and help expand upon an already stellar track record.