Buying a home is often one of the biggest decisions of a lifetime. When making such a decision, it’s important to have a trusted advisor by your side. When you sign on to work with me, be assured that I am 100% committed to acting in your best interest. One of my favorite parts of the job is helping buyers navigate the sometimes-crazy world of San Francisco real estate. Here's a rundown of how we will work together:



Step 1

Identifying Your Needs

We’ll have an initial consultation to discuss the purchase process. This is particularly important if you are a first-time buyer.

  • We’ll discuss your preferences with regards to property types, neighborhoods, your timetable and budget

  • I will put you in contact with a seasoned lender in order to start the pre-approval process (if you are not already pre-approved).




Step 2

Finding the Right Property

We follow a highly consultative process where we view properties with you and on our own to help you find the right place for you.

  • We will discuss all of the options for receiving information about listings, including the public MLS, some proprietary technology I offer to my clients, and options for receiving off-market listings

  • We will go out and visit properties together to learn more about your likes and dislikes

  • I will pre-screen properties for you on Tuesdays during the "Broker's Tour," on Wednesdays during Zephyr's sneak preview of listings that haven't yet hit the market, and anytime we hear about listings that could be a good fit for you, including off-market opportunities.

  • If we are not touring together over the weekend, we'll send you a tour itinerary on Friday to help you effectively see relevant properties over the weekend


Step 3

The Offer

San Francisco is a very competitive marketplace for buyers. Making the right offer is perhaps the most important element of the transaction – you don’t want to overpay, nor do you want to miss out on the home you want.

I have been able to achieve a very high acceptance rate of my clients’ offers. Below are some key factors in this success:

  • Ensuring my clients fully understand all the elements of their offer: The contract, comparables, and other factors that can strengthen an offer besides just price

  • Once you express interest in a property, I immediately initiate and maintain an ongoing dialogue with the “other side.” This is often key to making sure that your offer gets the consideration it deserves

  • The offer itself will be well-crafted, hand-delivered, and even presented in person if the seller is willing. I will highlight your strengths as a buyer in person and/or in writing

  • I will be relentless in finding out the necessary information to make your offer the winning offer - even after we have submitted your offer


Step 4


After your offer is accepted, my work is not done. I will guide you through the escrow period until you have the keys to your new property.

  • I will arrange and attend all inspections of the property and carefully review all resulting reports with you.

  • I will ensure all conditions and contingencies of the contract are addressed in a timely manner

  • I will ensure your loan is progressing smoothly and your lender has everything needed to close the transaction

  • I will manage and attend your final escrow appointment (when you sign your loan papers and all other escrow documents)

  • Finally, when you go “on record,” as the new owner of the property, I will be there to hand deliver the keys to your new home to you!




Step 5

Happily Ever After

There are always issues that arise after close of escrow.  But have no fear - I'm here to help you settle into home-ownership!

  • I am always around to help you problem-solve any issues that arise after close

  • I will provide you with referrals for any work that you’d like to do to your home (e.g., contractors, cleaners, etc.)

  • You name it – if you’ve got a question about your home, the neighborhood, new legislation impacting your property, give me a call, and I will do my best to answer your question or lead you to someone who can do so!

Ready to begin? Get in touch - I’D love to help you!